Production Engineering

            The engineering industries (especially the automobile ancillary) industries in Tamil Nadu feel the dearth of production engineers. To cater to this need, production engineering was started in 1993 with an intake of 40 students, in SPEC.

            The vision of the department is to be the continuous trainer of high caliber manufacturing engineers who excel in all aspects of manning the vital positions of the Indian Industry and are committed to play a key role in the development of Indian economy.
            In this era, a majority of the students have affinity towards IT oriented branches and even the mechanical engineering students specialize more in thermodynamics oriented subjects, whereas the engineering industry, which is the backbone of the Indian economy, demands more of manufacturing/ Production expertise.
            . The department aims at continual improvement by innovating the quality of teaching aids usage to make the teaching be more effective.
            . To impart additional training in Automation and Modern Manufacturing Systems, the institution is giving training in CAD/CAM with programming tools.
            . To encourage research activities, the college started M.E (CAD/CAM) program with an intake of 18 students in the academic year 2003 - 2004.
            . The department in aiming at improving the placement of production engineering students in the present Globalize scenario, through MOU's signed with Industries.
            . The department would like to promote customer satisfaction to a pass percentages, number of university rank holders through regular counseling and periodical discussions with the students and faculty and using good teaching aids.
a) Machine shop
            This department has one the largest and most impressive machine shops covering an area over 1100 sq. ft in an exclusively designed building equipped with center lathe, shaping, planning and gear hobbing machine. Cylindrical grinding, centerless grinding, capstan and turret lathe etc.
b) CAM Laboratory
            Housed in a separate section, CAM Laboratory has a state of the art CAM trainer and latest software.
c) Metallurgy Laboratory
            This department has a state of art image analyzer software system, as well as ultrasonic and other NDT equipments, in addition to the other metallurgical equipments.
2003 - 2007 Batch
S.No Name Organization/Institution Designation Salary per annum
1 S.Vinod kanna Infosys Software Engineer Rs.2,40,000
2 Vinod kumar Infosys Software Engineer Rs.2,40,000
3 S.Siva shankar Wipro Project Engineer Rs.2,16,000
4 Yogesh Wipro Project Engineer Rs.2,16,000
5 Thiruvenkadam Godrej Graduate Engineer Trainee Rs.1,80,000
6 Deenston D'cruz Ceratizit Sales Engineer Rs.1,80,000
7 E.Praveen kumar Ceratizit Sales Engineer Rs.1,80,000
2004 - 2008 Batch
S. No Name Organization/Institution Designation Salary per annum
1 M.Sandhiya Infosys Software Engineer Rs.2,70,000
2 T.Elamparithi Infosys Software Engineer Rs.2,70,000
3 M.Saravanan Infosys Software Engineer Rs.2,70,000
4 R.Janardhanan Infosys Software Engineer Rs.2,70,000
5 M.Sabariram Infosys Software Engineer Rs.2,70,000
6 N.G.Somasundaram Infosys Software Engineer Rs.2,70,000
7 C.M.K.Singaravelu Infosys Software Engineer Rs.2,70,000
8 K.Rajesh khanna Infosys Software Engineer Rs.2,70,000
9 T.Santhosh Infosys Software Engineer Rs.2,70,000
10 Ajay Kumar Infosys Software Engineer Rs.2,50,000
11 P.Siva kumaran Infosys Software Engineer Rs.2,50,000
2005 - 2009 Batch
S.No Name Organization/Institution Designation Salary per annum
1 E.Udhaya Lakshmi Infosys Software Engineer Rs.2,70,000
2 S.Deivasilai Infosys Software Engineer Rs.2,70,000